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hey guys I just needed to make this video because last night when I had got off of work I had ran into a troll yes a troll and a troll of someone who runs around here on YouTube and they basically are in everyone's business so with that all being said I had made two videos for people who want to join contract world as an agent and work from home for intuitive solutions or perhaps Pizza Hut which is a franchise as I mentioned in another video a few days ago and I had someone on my comments section say to me you would want to take that down like on the lines of that because that is breaking the policies of intuitive solutions they didn't say it like that but I can't remember how they said it because right after they said it I don't know well at the time I didn't know if they were in a good place with that information to tell me to take that down or in a bad place but sometimes I overthink but this time it wasn't about overthinking because when I have made that demonstration video with the TMS showing you guys how to work it so you won't be so overwhelmed to you know start working after the Saturday a Sunday class and then Sunday night having to go to work from there it would be less stress off for you but I knew when I made that video something said I don't think you should make that video because you know that's showing like private information that's really only I'm supposed to be available to people who are hired in the company already and even though it's no documents or anything that anyone can duplicate or that would harm the company they do have the right to say they don't want the show certain things in their back offices so any there's but that all being said so my gut feeling was correct yes you know this person was being a troll you get that a lot on YouTube and it's you know it's really disturbing when you get people that are being trolls like this guy was I'm not gonna say his name I'm not gonna show you guys his channel he I don't know if he works for the company I wouldn't he's I would not be surprised if he doesn't even work for the company and he's just being you know just a busybody who wants a pat on the head for doing a good job by telling the company to basically check out my channel and tell me to take those videos down but I took the two videos down and they just made it clear that you know they just wanted the the TMS information that I had put up there taken down and they were really nice so it wasn't like my job was like you're fired you better never do that again it was not bad at all they just said I'm can you please just take down the two TMS well not that they didn't say to only had two TMS videos up so they said that we know you have multiple TMS they made it clear what videos that I could not have up that had anything to do with their company so I did have two one was just TMS I had up in a video I didn't log on there was no credentials there was nothing to show but the second one was me going into the TMS and showing you how the order system works and how to use it so I took that video down I was gonna blur out some of the credentials and then that would have made it okay because I would have blur it out like two credentials and just certain things that you couldn't have seen but then I would've did a botched job on the video so I was like I don't want to do that in the video was like 16 minutes long and I didn't want to do all that blurring out stuff so I said I'll just delete it cuz I could have still kept it up if I would have blurt blurt out certain things but it just would it's wrong and I was doing it through YouTube they're blurring system and for some reason that blurring feature is not working it was making my computer froze up on me and some more stuff so I just want to let you know that I apologize for happening take those videos down but it's not worth my job you know it's not like I had to take it down on behalf of YouTube that has nothing to do with YouTube YouTube could care less if I put at work from home or at home job on their platform they wish that people would put that kind of content up there because it would be less backlash from the advertisers if they had you know family-friendly type of videos like what I put up here on me a platform more than what's going on up here on YouTube now with this this vulgar this but anyways I just want to let you know yes a troll has ran back and snitched that I had to TMS videos up and I just feel kind of bad I'm not mad or angry so they thought they were doing something they're not I just feel bad because I know what it feels like to be new and I know what it feels like to feel like you're being thrown on something that you still don't know and you don't want to mess up people's orders because when people call they call for a service and they don't know that you just started a day and a half ago doing some type of training and now you're placing their order they don't know none of these things these customers don't and if you have someone who's already been down that road and can help then there's nothing wrong with that but you know some people are miserable and misery likes company so you know maybe he'll get a bonus I hope this troll gets a bonus for what he did and stuff I looked at his channel I see that he doesn't make videos he pretty much just rolls around and you know you can't get any contact information you know a lot of people on YouTube do cowardly things they do things that they know that they would never do to your face they can do it behind YouTube because you can never catch him you know I called them trolls cowards and people with no lives so I just want to let you know I don't want to get into a 15 minute video about this troll but yeah a troll has caused me to have to take those two videos down one wasn't even a video all it was was telling you that I wasn't able to do the video showing you guys how to use this TMS system and I didn't I didn't do anything on that video just had the TMS system up and didn't have any of my credentials and nothing like that in there but the second video I did go into the TMS and I had on did demonstration orders and I feel bad that I had to take that one down but with that all being said I just wanna let you guys know for future references I will not be messing with the TMS system as you see this is probably the closest that I'll get to anything to do what contract world is this page that you're looking at now I'll shoot my videos using this logo here because you know you can't get in trouble using this right here because you know contract world wants you to promote them you know but when you go inside of the companies like I did then that's taken it a step too far and I realized that the troll didn't help me realize that I knew this before I made the video that I shouldn't have probably made it but on what that all being said please subscribe share and like this video and troll I really want to say your name so bad but I'm not going to you subscribe to you might already be subscribed and I'll see you guys in the next video bye for now