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Ok guys this is one of my new favorite apps that I found like I said it allows you to make money effortlessly by watching videos it's called perk but there re several different kinds of these apps the I use is perk tv i ll show you the other one in a minute it's called app trailers it really gives you points a lot more than the other one let me flip this real quick so when you click on perk tv live let me go back real quick this is one of the best ones perk tv live click on that it opens up and then you press popular shows click on check in and start earning and there is always a little one minute commercial break between each video it gives you between 1 and 3 points sometimes you get three but that is rare normally I get 2 then it will play like a little ad in between the ads are usually between 30 and 60 seconds then after it gets done it will play the little video just earned three points so the ad is the little preview video you are gonna watch you get paid from the ad that you watch but you don't have to you can run manually all day long but i'm a just exit out of that real quick i'm a show yall this other one that's better it allows you to earn up to ten points it just got updated to ten points called app trailers it's connected with perk like I said you do this on multiple devices to get the most money you have up to 5 different devices running on it ok my ipad is buffering on app trailers I don't understand why but i am goning to show yall an example of how to earn you would have 5 different deices doing this go to watch videos on both go to the rapid 60 seconds press watch on both now there are these pop ups you kind of have to monitor these a little bit it will play a 30 second and then you press finish then it plays the 60 second video ok i'm going to show yall the points yall gonna get from the app trailers it will pop up on the screen there you go earned 10 points for watching a video it's gonna be the same thing for this so really you're getting 20 points but then if you got 5 different devices than that's 50 points it really does add up for the rewards you have to log into perk tv com when you're on a browser you can be on the app you have to use the browser to cashout now once you log into perk

com you put your email in go down to rewards you see the rewards 1 dollar amazon gift card please excuse me for the quality I don't have a screen recorder for this computer 1250 points I can get 2 5 dollar gift cards because I got 10000 points believe me the points add up really fast they got an ebay gift card tons of different giftcards at all different prices here's the paypal the paypal is the highest one 9000 points for 5 dollars it's decent there gonna up the paypal you can spend money or whatever that's why I would use the giftcard honestly if you know what you're buying you might as well get 2 of those than instead of 5 dollars for 9000 points if you liked the video subscribe comment share and like the video