GTA 5 Online – Best Paint Jobs Plurple Hijak Ruston Modded Crew Color! (GTA 5 Glitches)


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it's your boy imrobertz1 and in today's GTA Online GTA 5 paint job glitches video i will show you a sick color combination for your new hijack ruston sports car i call plurple before i get started if you enjoy my content hit the bell icon to get notifications about my channel hashtag notification squad and if you like the video slap a like and subscribe ok let's get right into the video 430,000 i think this cars worth getting and with this color combination it really looks sick that's with the purple rgb2 shota to reno red pearlescent really great in the sun this color is so rare you cannot get this color and in Los Angeles customs respray you'll have to use a social club Rockstar Games google chrome methods okay to get this color open up google chrome go to social club Rockstar Games manage crew edit crew right click on your crew color and click inspect now change the value in this pot to hashtag 3300 55a a close out of inspect save the crew and refresh the page your crew color should be blank now go online like the crew color and change the pearlescent to torino red if you enjoyed ETA 5 paint job which is like this click on my GTA 5 paint job which is playlist if you new to my channel why not subscribe follow me on Google+ I upload all the awesome showcase glitches tips and tricks that's all i have for you today i'll see you guys in my next video