GTA 5 Online Paint Jobs PP-Pastel-Pink! Truffade Nero Modded Crew Colors! (GTA 5 Glitches)


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yo what's up guys imrobertz1 and in today's grand theft auto online video I will show you a sick pastel color I call PP pastel pink parka starter if you enjoy my content hit the bell icon to get notifications about my channel hashtag notification squad and if you like the video slap a like and subscribe my last pastel color was red but those of you that don't know the difference between pink and red this is pink and this is red this is pink and this is red this is pink and this is red this is pink and this is red no I'm just kidding pastel colors are great these colors are usually described as soothing saw near neutral milky washed out d saturated and lacking of chromatic content in other words these colors look great in the Sun to get this color open up google chrome go to social club rockstar games manage crew edit crew right click on your crew color and click inspect now change the value in this spot to hashtag FF d 1 d c 00 close out of inspect save the crew and refresh the page your crew color should be blank now go online select the crew color and change the pearlescent to bright purple let me know in a comment section what you think about these pastel crew colors if you enjoyed this paint job go to my channel click on the paint job playlist for more videos if you're new to my channel why not subscribe follow me on Google+ I upload all the awesome showcase glitches tips and tricks that's all i have for you today i'll see you guys in my next video