How to Hire a Virtual Assistant – How to Use Upwork & when Hiring VAs ($3/HOUR)


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Hey, guys In this video, I'm gonna teach you how to hire a virtual assistant

For those of you that don't know, a virtual assistant, otherwise known as a VA, is a remote employee One of the advantages to hiring a VA is that you can hire them from anywhere in the world, including developing countries that have a lower cost of living, which means that the salaries are lower than countries likes the United States And when I say much lower, I mean $3 an hour lower And while it may sound scary hiring employees, it's really not intimidating at all In fact, it's the key to making your businesses passive, as I described in my video, The Four Ways to Make Passive Income Online, and I've got a link to that video in the video description below

I've got several VAs that work with me and if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be able to run my businesses or scale them So I very much appreciate the work that they do I've already discussed how VAs are a great solution for handling dropship fulfillment, but I've also used VAs in the past to help me with website design and product research In this video, I'm gonna be answering two key questions One, what website should you use when hiring virtual assistants and how do you use them? And two, what countries should you hire in and which countries should you avoid? And which ones are the cheapest? I think some of the answers here may surprise you

All right, let's jump straight into it Question, which website should you use to hire virtual assistants? There is no steadfast, easy answer here There are lots of websites that you could use In this video, I'm gonna be showing you my favorite ones to use The first is Upwork

Upwork has a huge user base so you'll have a lot of applicants to select from that have a lot of skills Plus, it's very safe and easy to use as an employer Posting a job is easy and free Just come and click Post Job Next, you can select what type of job you are posting

When hiring a VA, I recommend that you start with fixed-term contracts This isn't just for your benefit It is for the benefit of both of you This way, you can see if you both like working together If you both like working together, then you can talk about moving to a permanent, ongoing position

If you've got a previous job, you can reuse that Otherwise, select a category Next, type in a title for your job description Make sure it is very detailed Next, type in your description

Again, the more descriptive the better You can add attachments I will often add videos that capture my computer screen and show exactly what I need completed This is, of course, optional Next, select how many freelancers you want to hire

When you are new to hiring VAs, I recommend hiring just one and getting used to having an employee before you hire any more Next, select the type of project Again, I recommend having a fixed-term project and then moving to a permanent one from there Next, select how you want to pay For fixed jobs, you'll usually have to pay a fixed price

If you're hiring someone ongoing, you'll pay them by the hour Next, select what level of experience you want Now here is where most business owners fall into the trap They select entry-level This is a huge mistake

Someone who is entry-level won't have the experience so you don't know how reliable they will be Businesses live and die by the talent of their employees Never take them for granted I almost always select intermediate or expert Don't worry about their hourly rates listed

Those are for USA-based freelancers and VAs Next, select how long you expect the job to last Since it's a fixed-term contract, it's probably going to be between one to four weeks Next, select the time commitment For this section, I strongly suggest that you select that only freelancers on Upwork can find the job

The reason for this is that you don't want your competitors finding your job postings, which they can if you select it so that the search engines can find your listings Next, you can add preferred qualifications I don't usually bother though because it doesn't stop anyone from applying for your job Next, you can add some screening questions I strongly recommend that you add some so that you can see if people answer them in their application

If they don't answer them, then they didn't read your application and you can immediately reject it Next, you can require that they add a cover letter Cover letters are helpful when deciding between applicants, so I do require it Once you're finished this, click Post Job and then, you are done When it comes to hiring people, the process is also very streamlined and beginner-friendly

In your dashboard for the job posting, you'll see a list of the different applicants for a job, including their proposals You can then click on each proposal You'll be able to see what their job history is, including their reviews Scroll down and you'll be able to read their cover letter Usually, these are just stock cover letters

That is absolutely fine as most people I know offline and online will reuse a cover letter If you scroll down, then you'll see their work history and feedback, if they have any Scroll down further and you'll be able to see their portfolio, if they have one There is a test section Upwork provides different tests that VAs can take to prove that they have certain skills, such as a language proficiency test

There is also an optional section in their portfolio for employment history And there is an optional section for their education history Quite likely, you're going to want to message candidates that you've short-listed and once you've selected the candidate that you want to hire, the hiring process is also very simple On your application, click Hire Freelancer Here, you'll need to fill out the application

If you want to modify the budget based on your negotiations with them, you can do so here Next, you'll need to deposit the money that you've negotiated into an escrow, if it's a one-off job You can also split the money into milestones For example, this job is about analyzing 3,000 products Together, we may have negotiated that half of the money will be released when half the job is finished and then the other half when the job is completed

If the job is ongoing, then Upwork will automatically pay the VA for you, using the credit card you provide You can modify a description of the project and contract here Otherwise, by default, it will populate this field with the job description you originally posted Agree to the terms of service and then click Hire and you are done A word of caution with Upwork

While Upwork may be good for the people hiring the VAs, Upwork is not very good for the VAs themselves This is because for the first $500, Upwork is going to charge them, the VA, 20% in fees Not you, the VA So if the contract is for $100, then Upwork is going to charge them $20 in fees, which is huge Between $500 and $10,000, Upwork is still gonna charge 10% in fees, which is a lot

What this means then is that good VAs quickly come to dislike Upwork and they avoid the platform So in the future, while it's kind of against Upwork's rules to take the contracts off of the website, I suggest that you do so In addition to Upwork, I also use another website called onlinejobsph This website is exclusively for hiring virtual assistants located in the Philippines

Upwork actually has a really strict policy against country discrimination You can't come on there and say that you only want to hire someone in the USA or that you only want to hire someone in the Philippines So if you are interested in hiring someone exclusively in the Philippines, then onlinejobsph is a great site to do that Beware, it is not free

It kind of looks free on the outside because with a free account, you are able to post jobs on the website But, without a paid plan, you can't reply to applicants that message you or even read the messages Plus, it'll take two days for your application to be approved With their lowest cost plan, your job postings will be approved instantly Personally, if I'm looking to hire a VA based in the Philippines, I will use onlinejobs

ph instead of Upwork Every time I'm looking for a new VA for my business, I will upgrade to their lowest cost, $49 a month plan, find my VA, and then cancel my membership So basically, every time I want to hire someone new, I upgrade, get my employee, and then immediately cancel Part of the reason why though that I use onlinejobsph is because, as I said earlier, on Upwork, the best VAs often leave the website because it's actually a really bad deal for them

And the best VAs in the Philippines will often end up on this website because if you hire someone through this site, then you handle the contracts privately I personally pay all of my VAs with PayPal There is no escrow system Posting a job is simple Simply click Post Job

Next, add a title to your listing Next, add a job description Here, type in the payment I recommend either writing it in USD or in PHP Again, I recommend that when first hiring, that you use the fixed-term contract so write a fixed price here

Next, select the type of employment For a fixed-term contract, you should select freelancer Next, you can select to require an ID Proof score Good candidates will almost always have a high ID score so I usually select this to be 70 Next, select the skills you require

I always require written and verbal English skills Why? Well, because even if the job doesn't directly use them, it's important that I can communicate with them Next, type in your email address and then you are done You can then post your job Now, as I said, the process of hiring on onlinejobs

ph is very different to Upwork At Upwork, there is a whole process for short-listing candidates and then creating contracts and then using an escrow system to hold payments to ensure that both parties have their payment managed, but again, it comes at the cost of very high fees But onlinejobsph is very different On here, people send you messages which go into your inbox

Unlike Upwork, which includes their work history and education history and their original application, here, you'll only receive their actual message It's a lot more informal Unlike Upwork, applicants are allowed to include their alternate contact details, like their email address and Skype in the application On Upwork, this is considered circumventing and it is against their policies You can click through to their profile and find out more information about them, such as a link to their portfolio, their ID score, any tests they've taken and the results they've achieved, and a self-assessment of their skill set

It's up to you to email each applicant back, negotiate a contract, and then handle it privately I've got a link to onlinejobsph in the video description below Please be aware, it is an affiliate link Here at Wholesale Ted, all of our videos are free and affiliate links help keep our videos free

Question two, which country should I hire my virtual assistants from? Honestly, there is no steadfast rule here You could hire your virtual assistant from anywhere in the world and that is the beauty of it If you are hiring a virtual assistant from an Anglo-European country like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, remember, the cost of living in those countries is very high so expect to pay high prices

If you're looking to hire a VA in a country with a lower cost of living, then the most common ones to hire from are India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Philippines The median salary in India is $620 US a month The median salary in the Philippines is $570 U

S a month The median salary in Pakistan is $480 USD a month And the median salary in Sri Lanka is $400 USD a month Again, there is no country that is better than the other

However, I personally hire most of my virtual assistants from the Philippines and this is for two reasons One, the Philippines' time zone is closer to the New Zealand time zone It's only five hours behind so usually, my work day will overlap with my VAs based in the Philippines It can be quite frustrating when your time zones don't match up For example, I have a great web guy but he is based in the Ukraine so unfortunately, he's usually online when I'm asleep, which means then that it can slow down projects

Depending on where you live, your time zone may match up better with say somebody based in India Secondly, in the Philippines, there is a strong fluency in English It isn't the first language but it's kind of the second That is because, in the Philippines, English is a mandatory subject in school Now, please don't get me wrong

I'm not saying that English is the best language at all It's simply the language that I personally know So if I want to be able to communicate with my VAs, then we need to be able to not have that language barrier Because of this, when you're looking at applicants across multiple countries, you're gonna find that there's gonna be a higher density of applicants in the Philippines that are fluent in English compared to other countries, which makes the vetting process a lot easier But again, this is no steadfast rule

You might have an applicant based in Sri Lanka who is highly skilled and perfect for the job But for me, the time zone issue means it sways it greatly in the direction of looking for VAs based in the Philippines first so that is my preference All right, guys I hope you found this video helpful If you did, I'd appreciate if you gave it a thumbs-up and subscribed to us here at Wholesale Ted for more great videos on online selling

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