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[intro music plays] Such a nice phone I'vegot here! You know, I just, I wish there was some kindof way I could make money on it, though! Sit back, answer a few questions, make somedough – oh, that's right! You can! Whatup, YouTube? It's BMAC! So you're wondering how you can turn yourbad boy smartphone into a bad boy money-making smartphone, huh? I gotchu.

For those of you who have seen some of myother videos, you know by now that you can actually make a considerable amount of moneyby participating in online survey websites.

How can online survey websites afford to payyou real rewards and real cash just for answering a few questions? Allow me to explain.

There are hundreds of multi-million dollarcompanies out there that want to know your opinion on their products and services.

Your opinion actually helps them to improvetheir products and services and rather than just guessing about it they'd rather ask you- straight up! Your opinions are so, so important to themthat they will actually pay you for your opinion! What those companies will do is they'll reachout to online survey websites and those online survey websites will set up the actual surveythat you will respond to, fill out the questions, fill out your answers, and that you will getpaid for! You got your two cents, companies what toknow your two cents, and those companies will pay you a couple hundred cents to give yourtwo cents to them! See what I did there? Here's the really cool thing – a few yearsago you had to log onto your computer.

Going onto your computer was the only wayto participate in online survey websites.

Nowadays though with how advanced technologyhas come and how advanced technology continues to get, some online survey websites have gonemobile! Which means you can participate and earn moneyfrom your online survey websites without ever leaving your phone! Pretty cool, huh? But that's only IF you know the right onlinesurvey websites to use, of course! Which is why today, by very popular demand,I'm going to teach you: HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUR PHONE! Alright, let's get it! Today I'm going to give you guys three differentmobile online survey websites that I've personally tried out, tested, and can vouch for.

Yes they're legit, yes they give you realrewards or real cash, and yes all you have to do is participate in their online surveyopportunities to get that cash and to get those rewards.

So without further ado, let's go this! First on my list is one of the most popularonline survey websites to date: OPINION OUTPOST! Opinion Outpost works on a point-based systemwhere you'll get a certain number of points for every survey that you complete.

What I like most about this mobile onlinesurvey website is the fact that you get email invitations right to your email inbox.

You see it right there, you click it, BOOM- that's the survey – and you'll know exactly how many points you'll get for the surveyopportunity and exactly how long they expect it to take you.

Actually, within just a few minutes of mesigning up for Opinion Outpost, I already had a couple survey invitations waiting forme in my email inbox! It's like – that's always a plus! Hit the ground running! But here's the important thing about mobileearnings with Opinion Outpost.

They have a responsive website which meansit should work on your phone's mobile web browser without any problem.

You could always log in and click the "TakeSurveys" button to see what surveys are available to you right now or you can always do whatI would do and wait for the survey invitations to come through in your email inbox! You'll see them right there, all you haveto do is click them – and BOOM! You're brought to the survey! You can sign up for Opinion Outpost rightfrom your phone if you wanted to.

All you have to do is click the sign-up linkin the video description box below from your mobile device.

Fill out that form, there's a couple questions,let them know a little bit about yourself.

You'll get your first couple of points byclicking that sign-up link, filling out your info, and confirming your email – so definitelybe sure to be on top of that because once you – BOOM! You're officially an Opinion Outpost memberand you're well on your way to becoming an "OOOG" – an "Opinion Outpost Original Gangsta!" But what's another mobile online survey websitethat you can sign up for, become another member of, so that way you get two times the points- Opinion Outpost and this new one? Well, I gotchu: HARRIS POLL ONLINE! Harris Poll Online has a platform that's verysmiler to Opinion Outpost and just as super easy-to-use! What makes Harris Poll so unique is they'vebeen in this survey business for 50+ years! That's a long time to be in the survey gameso I think it's pretty safe to say they know what they're doing! They currently work with 74 of the "Fortune100" companies so, needless to say, I don't think your'e going to run out of any surveyopportunities with Harris Poll any time soon.

This movie online survey website also workson a point-based system, you'll get "HiPoints" for the surveys that you complete.

"HiPoints" are Harris Poll's version of pointsthat you'll get for completing online surveys and you can save those up to cash in.

You can cash in for a variety of differentrewards and, if you take advantage of all the survey opportunities sent to you, it shouldn'ttake too long.

But here's the super duper dope thing! If you're feeling lucky you can even takeadvantage of the Harris Poll Online Sweepstakes! This is where members have earned anythingfrom $250 to $10,000 just for participating in Harris Poll's surveys! Ten big ones, just for answering a few questions? That's crazy! This mobile online survey website is alsoresponsive so you should have no problem completing surveys right from your mobile device's webbrowser.

Signing up for Harris Poll is also super dupereasy, you can do it right from your phone if you want to! You can do so by clicking the sign-up linkin the video description box below! After filling out the sign-up foiling outthe sign-up form at that sign-up link and confirming your email address, guess what! You'l instantly get your first few pointsjust for filling out your welcome survey! Both of those mobile online survey websitesare dope – be sure to check them out! But after you've filled out your surveys inthose mobile online survey websites you might want to check out this cool survey app thatI found: QUICKTHOUGHTS! QuickThoughts is a super easy-to-use surveyapp where you'll actually see different survey opportunities within the app itself and, consideringI know we all get a lot of emails, you can actually enable "push notifications" so youcan get a notification popping up on your phone instead of an email when a new surveyis available to you within the app.

It's kind of nice to know that if you geta lot of emails sometimes you might miss a survey invitation from another website butif you get a push notification there's no way to miss that! Popping up on your phone? You'll always know what surveys are availableto you with QuickThoughts, right there, with a push notification.

You can always login to see what surveys areavailable to you that way and, of course, by logging in you'll also see your balance- see what rewards you can cash out for right then and there.

The app is super fluid, super easy-to-use,and I'm like 99% sure that you're going to fall in love with it and become addicted toit.

Signing up and downloading this mobile onlinesurvey website app couldn't be easier! Just make sure you're watching this videofrom your mobile device, check the video description box below – there will be a sign-up link thatwill bring you to the app download page on your mobile device! It's free and once you've signed up by creatingan account within the app itself – BOOM! You've hit the trifecta! The trifecta of being a member of all threeof these mobile online survey websites that I just mentioned put together! In the end, one – or all three – of theseonline survey website opportunities are a great way to earn a little extra cash in yourspare time – or even in your full time! Some people do this full-time – just fillout as many surveys as they can – that's cool too! Just to let you know, you might get an invitationhere and there for a survey that's still best taken on a desktop computer but, because ofthe responsiveness of these mobile online survey websites, you should have no completingthe surveys right form your mobile device's web browser.

If you're over 18 and from a country wherethese mobile online survey websites are accepting new members, you could check out the sign-uplinks below for more information on that! Those links are actually my referral linksand I will receive a few points or rewards when you sign up with them.

I really hope you like them as much as I doand to get the full mobile experiecne I highly recommend you watch this video from your mobiledevice! That way you can get a better idea of howthe websites work, what they look like, kind of get the whole feel of it and, that wayof course, you won't lose the sign-up links that I have for you in the video descriptionbox below! And of course at any time you can go to BMACadelic.

Com/OnlineSurveys- there actually have a full comprehensive list of the different online survey websitesthat I recommend! I put what makes each one unique, what thesign-up bonuses are on some of them, so definitely be sure to check that out – BMACadelic.


If you guys have any questions, comments,concerns, you can always comment it down below – it's always cool to see what you guys arethinking! As always, I'll be replying to some of myfavorites! If you guys liked this video, if you thoughtit was funny or helpful, please don't forget to smash that "thumbs up" button," don't forgetto follow your boy on all of your favorite social media channels, and, of course, don'tforget to SUBSCRIBE – to the BMACadelic YouTube channel and BMACadelic Email List for exlucivenew videos and updates on this channel each and every Friday, sometimes even on Tuesdays,every week at 12 PM! Oh, would you look at that? I actually have a few survey invitations waitingfor me! I'm going to go check those out – I'm savingup for the new MacBook Pro – I'll see you guys next time! Peace! [outro music plays].