How to Make Money on YouTube with Super Chat & Live Streaming!

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– Hey everyone Derral Eves here and I think it's time that we actually do another video wouldn't you say? (snickers) Of course we're gonna do another video because YouTube's changing! It changes all the time You know without rhythm changes with feature changes you know they're pulling away features adding features Man, it's hard to keep up at times but some of the stuff that they're doing on YouTube right now are nyyaaww-okay

Other things are freaking amazing And what I'm gonna do is over the next couple of videos we're gonna actually talk about some of the amazing features that are out there how to actually utilize them and I thought we'd start with Super Chat Now we can do a dry boring tutorial on how to actually use Super Chat or we can shake things up what do you say? Shall we shake it up? Okay! Let me see here Let's shake it up with a hundred dollars (sound of cash register) Yeah

– Holy (beep) $2500 Super Chat? (beep) – [Voiceover] derralevescom – I believe that the Super Chat feature is literally a game changer I'm not going out on a limb I just really think it's a game changer because it's gonna transform live-streaming it's gonna transform YouTube and the platform So before we go into the ins and outs on how to set things up and you know how to utilize Super Chat you need to able to qualify for it

So now I know that some of you are like; "Oh man, why does YouTube ever do this?" But that's just the way that it is You have to be in good standing, okay? Be in good standing that's a really important thing to do Number 2 you need to monetize your YouTube channel Of course you're gonna monetize because you're trying to get money from your fans and connect with your fans right? Number 3: you have to be in these following countries right here Okay? (snickers) Your country might not be on the list sorry but they're opening up new countries all the time and they're dealing with you know local regulations and so on

And number 4: you have to be 18 years old Wah-wah-wah I think that you might be able to get a parent or a guardian not too sure I'm gonna ask some YouTube representatives and get back to you on that So let me go ahead and jump right in I'm gonna show you how to setup Super Chat and how to use Super Chat let's do this

So to enable Super Chat we first need to make sure that you don't have Fan Funding on your YouTube channel Now I actually have it on my YouTube channel and come February 28 it is gone It is in the trash where it belongs because honestly people have contributed to my channel I don't even know who they are It was very difficult to actually give them you know good shoutouts and stuff like that so we are going to disconnect this and to do that first off we have to go to the upper-right hand corner click on the avatar icon come down to Creator Studio and once we come in to the Creator Studio we wanna mouse on over to the Community section And once we're in to the Community section we're gonna come down to Fan Funding where that needs to be and let's turn that off

It's gonna literally disappear come February 28th Now what we want to do now is to enable Super Chat You see knows that Super Chat actually came up here in the Community tab We go ahead and click on that and we want to enable Super Chat That's how easy it is and basically all the purchases will come down here

You'll have a full thing of everyone that actually contributed on all your live-streams which is really really cool I like that And then 2: it actually shows up in the chat at different places so that's how easy it is and you just need to make sure that you have at least a thousand subscribers and that you're monetized and that you're over 18 so that you're able to enable this So I found some random YouTubers that are actually my subscribers They're talking about something that I have no idea but let's go ahead and make their day So they do have Super Chat enabled and this is a feature for anyone that's actually live-streaming it doesn't matter if it's on gaming or on regular YouTube

Basically if you have it enabled we can actually give them money so let's go ahead and do that I'm gonna go ahead and give them money by clicking on the Super Chat icon So let's go ahead and do that and it says: "Send a Super Chat message" so let's go ahead and do that I can say; "Keep Up the Good Work!" And let's give him some money let's see what they do let's see how they so they freak out a little bit Sound good? So buy it, it's gonna come up with notifications saying; "Hey this is really cool are you sure you want to do this? There is no refunds on this" Notice here there is no refunds So I'm gonna go ahead and hit Buy and we're gonna give them 20 bucks and we'll see how they react

– What what – It just takes a little bit of time – Let me just get my Alfreds on – If they can't afford the next stage – You're leaves

Hah! Thank you We're subscribed to your YouTube channel I don't know if you knew that or not but we are Thank you very much! – Thank you I appreciate that – Yo Derrel Eves! Derrel Eves dropping a $50

00 Super Chat Boom! This is amazing! Thank you so much Derrel Eves Guys give up some hype in the chat for Derrel Eves dropping a $5000 Super Chat That's huge man I appreciate it Guys Derrel Eves if you don't know who he is he is a YouTube wizard he's a YouTube wizard his channel Derrel Eves you just go to derreleves

com it's easier to remember that He makes like tips and tricks and how-to videos about YouTube You wanna learn anything about YouTube his channel is where you go to do that (sound of air horn) That thing to go our tip it deserves some air horns (laughter) That thing to go our tip it deserves some air horns

Thank you Sir I appreciate that Derrel Eves of derrelevescom – So he just basically lost the game so let's go ahead and make his day let's give him 25 bucks 'cause oh let's see Let's do 25 bucks so you can adjust it on this to see how much you're gonna do

I'm gonna go ahead and do $2500 right here and let's see if he says anything here ready? Here we go Send It's gonna do a little pop-up saying; "Hey are you sure that you wanna do this there is no refunds on this?" I'm gonna ahead and say yes – It's Holy (beep) $25

00 Super Chat? (beep) Derrel Eves thank you so much man (beep) – Alright I found another YouTuber it sounds like he's from Mexico That's kind of his accent speaking Spanish I actually speak Spanish so Oh look see it says; "What time is it in Mexico?" This guy is asking So let's go ahead and do a little Super Chat Shock look Boom! Alright so let's do it So sounds like this guy is like streaming from Twitch Ha-ha

He's probably not even looking at the YouTube comments I don't thinks it's wasted money 'cause I mean you guys are awesome and so I'm having fun (foreign language spoken) – Okay I had a blast like literally giving money out to some of these subscribers than to some random people It was actually fun I actually enjoyed it so I think I'm gonna do this more often what do you think? Should I do it more often? Put it on the comments below and guys we're gonna talk about live-streaming we're gonna talk about techniques and ability and how to actually get fazzy and racked All that fun stuff it's coming up on this YouTube channel so if you're not subscribed go ahead and click Subscribe check out a few of my videos and share it with a friend 'cause you know what? We're in the sharing mood right? I shared some money so just kinda share this video