How To Make Money Online – Binary Options – Path to $1,000,000 Day 5 – $16,000

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Hi guys This is Imba Trader

Today is day 5 of the Path to Million, series where I try to grow the $1000 deposit to some significant amount of money Of course, I’m going to do my best to make a million out of it, but I can’t be completely sure about that, but I’m going to do as much as I can to get closer to that sum Let me see if we can do any better today We managed to get to the $12,000 level Candlestick graph is on 60 seconds period

Let’s apply a couple of indicators, Bollinger bands which is my favorite recently, RSI I do see some big fluctuations that are going on here We are below the 30% level on the RSI graph, but looks like it’s restoring There was some big movement happening over here when Bollinger bands corridor was really tight Over here was a pretty good moment for entering the market, once the upper band was breached

Of course, we had to wait for another minute, but there was a reversal after that And again, here is another breach and another reversal In this case, it was pretty risky to enter the market I guess it took like three minutes for the reversal to happen, and the same – no, actually here we would be in profit Another minute to wait over here to become profitable

All this looks basically good Of course, sometimes it’s better to have the trendless markets, but again, when there is the rise trend, it is good to trade following that particular trend I do see that we are getting back to the 30/70 margin in the RSI and we got 50 seconds left for the decision making Let’s see how it goes My goal today will be somewhere between 15,000 or 16,000

At the very beginning when we started trading, I was following pretty aggressive strategy where every time I traded, I was doubling my account balance Once I got over 10,000 bucks, it became not too safe to proceed with the same strategy It’s better to be on the safe side, and that’s how I’m going to proceed We’re going to wait another minute because nothing serious happened here I didn’t get any binary options signal that would let me proceed with the stake

Before that, when I was trading, I would basically not miss any stake Again, I would like to go on with this being more on the safe side and making wise decisions Also, today, I wanted to talk about the support and resistance levels, because they are perhaps two of the most basic elements of the technical analysis It is vital that you have a good understanding of them We’re going to wait for another minute

I’m sorry, I just don’t see any good moment to enter the market, because using the support and resistance level strategy, it is possible to trade on the turbo options, on the ones that expire in 60 seconds It’s also very important to enter the market at the right moment because the window of opportunity can last just several seconds—just like that, very simple I’m finally going to proceed with the stake I just made a rise stake, 1000 bucks If we win, we’re going to get about from $800 to $900

We’re going to get actually $1,800 to $1,900, but we also invested 1000 That’s why I calculate it as the pure profit Basically, what happened, we just returned our invested money We neither won nor lost It is so mellow, so I don’t even know how to begin here

I think another rise stake might be a good opportunity $1,000 bucks for the rise and 30 seconds left Getting back to the support and resistance levels Support level sits under the current price It is often referred as the floor

If we zoom out and look at the history, unfortunately, it’s very hard to identify the support level here because of the trend Okay, we just won 1900 In order to identify the support level, we need to connect two lowest price points In order to identify the resistance level, we need to connect two points at the top of the graph Every broker has the instruments to help with it

Let’s draw the horizontal line The cyan one will be identifying the support level Let’s make it yellow It’s going to be the resistance level Unfortunately, we lost this stake

I’m going to apply the martingale strategy and proceed with either $2,000 or $2,500 stake following it I just made $2,000 stake In order to get a chance to return the money that I lost in my previous stake We got 18 seconds more Let’s check out the history, how the graph was behaving before

It’s pretty inconsistent I see the resistance level over here Okay, perfect We just got $3,700, almost $3,800 We’re at the $14,000 level

We almost touched the upper Bollinger band I’m going to follow this guy You see somebody made $1,000 put stake, and I just did the same as he did The resistance level over here will be somewhere here In case if it is breached, or if it is touched, then I would expect the reverse movement happening right away

That’s why me and that guy made $1,000 stake, and none of us was mistaking We both just won $1,900 bucks I’m almost at the $15,000 level I’ve almost reached today’s goal At this point, I need only one positive stake in order to finish this session, and I’ll be free for the day

Usage of the support and resistance trading strategy is possible both for short and long-term binary training With it, you take into account the historical levels that a certain currency stock or commodity has reached and reversed from Once you identify the levels, the next more important thing is entering the trades at the correct moment It’s hard to identify here what will be the smartest decision, but we still got some time I just tried to make a call stake, but I did not do it at the right moment

Apparently, I’m lucky that I did not because the price started falling Probably the next support level will be over here, so we connect the multiple points We have 30 seconds to make the decision I do suspect that since the Bollinger bands corridor became tighter, I do suspect that at some point, the price should drop and start reversing quickly after that Once again, I tried to make a stake and I wasn’t able to – too late

There were two seconds left, and looks like there is some tiny lag I need to have more time to be able to do that I need to leave at least from 3 to 4 seconds This is the perfect – oh my God, something is going on with my internet It says offline

I didn’t expect that happening I just made too many stakes At this level, I made probably two stakes, and at this level, there were another four It looks like I’m going to lose it all There is like a new huge, huge trend that is setting up

Actually, no it wasn’t that bad I got 47, almost $4,800 back This was predictable because the RSI graph went far away from the 70% level, and the Bollinger band levels here were really tight It looks like the new resistance level is setting up at the upper point over here In three seconds, I should reach today’s goal

$56 profit, and $16,400 on my account This was pretty tight and nervous It’s not easy to think about it, and at the same moment, to analyze everything verbally and to give some voice feedback to what’s going on It’s like two processes at a time, so I’m sorry if I’m too slow while doing that Anyway, we reached today’s goal

We added $4,000 profit to the account balance It happened within like 10 minutes or so This was day five Subscribe to my channel Check out the other videos

I will try focusing more on the trading strategies and showcasing how exactly we can analyze the graph, and predict the movement of the graph in order to make money online trading binary options I wish you all good luck and I will see you later Bye guys