How to Use Your Calendar to Make More Money


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I can tell how much money you're going to make this year simply by looking at your calendar Don't believe me? Stay tuned to find out how, because that's what we're going to talk about today on the #ActionChat

How to use your calendar correctly so that you land more clients and make more money This is the #ActionChat This is the show where we come together every day to talk about building a wildly successful business And the business we're focused on is yours So, make sure you comment, and you like, and do me a favor, if you haven't subscribed, please hit that subscribe button

I'd really appreciate it and I'd love to have you in the community Well, let's talk about your calendar The difference between a dream and a reality is #Action, implementation, execution The idea itself has no merit It's in the execution of an idea where things happen, where you land clients and you make money

So, you can have as many good ideas as you want but if you don't actually execute, it doesn't matter And, here's a sneaky thing that we do as humans, right? Especially when something really matters to us, like a business that we've poured our heart and soul into When those things really matter, we like to procrastinate And we procrastinate lots of times because we're scared So, we do things and we put things in our calendar that make it look and feel like we're taking #Action, when in reality we're procrastinating

So, when we look at your calendar, we want to see a huge focus on activities that move the needle forward Activities that truly land clients And, we're going to call these client-generating activities Now, the problem with most business owners is that these client-generating activities get confused for long-term value activities And, these are activities that are important, but don't directly lead to clients

And, I'd like to put an example of a blog, right? Because, writing the blog post itself is valuable, but its long-term value The actual publishing of the blog post, that's client-generating activity Because, when you push publish and that blog post goes out, it suddenly has the opportunity to get in front of clients and actually get one of them to sign up for your services So, your job is to get your calendar full of those client-generating activities and weed down those long-term value activities to just the essentials so that most of your calendar is focused on those client-generating activities And when you get your calendar to look like that, the next step, the next secret is to actually execute

You've got to follow your calendar, right? And, I know if you're like me, I like things kind of sporadic loosy goosy I don't like doing the same thing every day So, what I would suggest is time blocking I don't actually put on my calendar hour for hour or minute for minute what exactly I'm going to be doing I keep a to do list, and I have blocked out time for those activities

So, I have a blocked out time for client-generating activities, or marketing I have a blocked out time for my CEO time for long-term value I've got a blocked out time for customer service, or service delivery And, that gives me the flexibility to do what I want in the moment, but also I've got an itemized list of things that I need to accomplish That system works for me

You've got to find something that works for you But, seriously, looking at you calendar, we can tell how much money you're going to make Go look at it, is it empty? Because that's how much money you're going to make Go look at it, are you following it? Because you're not going to make any money if you're not Go look at it, is it long-term value, or is it client-generating activity? And, I've got to be honest, I guess I'm speaking, you know, this is a scale, right? You've got to have enough client-generating activities to bring in the amount of clients you want

But, as you get filled up on clients, maybe the balance starts to turn a little bit and you go more towards the long-term value stuff Because, you're full up on clients and not as desperate But, if you need clients now, a hundred percent of your time needs to be spent on client-generating activities Okay, I went a little bit long there, a little long-winded So, hopefully you're still with me

The key take away here is put client-generating activities on your calendar and then execute Until next time, go take some fast, focused and perfect #Action This was the #ActionChat