Instagram Influencers Guide to Takumi – Only 1000 Followers Needed to Start Earning

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here's an idea for all you Instagram influencers are you getting paid for your Instagram posts well you only need a minimum of a thousand followers so let's see how Takumi is a Instagram influencers app that's currently available in the USA UK Germany Ireland and Iceland and these are some of the brands that are trusted by Takumi so what are the requirements to become a Takumi creator well you need a thousand followers 50 photos and your account should be public and you must be in a region where Takumi is available it's currently available in the UK Germany Iceland and recently they've added USA and Ireland so here's some of the things they look for in Instagram influencers your followers must be real people and not BOTS so don't be using hashtag FF or follow4follow because they won't accept those accounts they want to get real influencers that have organic followers your account should contain original content and not just reposts or quotes or memes and Tackumi are looking for Instagram Influencers that consistently produce high quality creative images they don't accept accounts with low resolution or out of focus images or even low quality filters so how much do you get paid with Takumi? once the gig is payable there should be a big golden button titled claim your 40 pound or any other number depending on your reward you press that button to issue a payout here's some of the rates you can expect from Takumi as you can see you get around 40 pound with a thousand influences but that might increase to 75 pound per post for 5000 influencers and the number keeps going up and if you're a major Instagram influencer and you have over a hundred thousand followers well you might get paid 1500 pound just for one campaign post so if you want to get paid to be an Instagram influencer go ahead and install the takumi at today and start making real money from Instagram now I don't have a big enough following on Instagram to get paid by Takumi but if you do please let us know in the comments below your experiences with the takumi app anyway that's all I've got time for today please subscribe and bye for now