Job Search Tips – How To Double Your Job Opportunities

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last month I had the distinct pleasure of having a four-hour layover in Newark Airport well I can cross that off my bucket list and as I was staring out of the window and all the work that it takes to get these jumbo jets back in the air there was one thing that really caught my eye you see I was watching baggage handlers and catering and maintenance and flight attendants and crew everyone was there to get the airplane back up into the air just as fast as possible yet they were to read chalks that were stopping the entire plane from going anywhere so you might be thinking about how does this relate to job hunting what have you ever put in a ton of effort into your job hunt only to feel like you're just standing still is there a choc that's holding you back from gathering momentum in your own job search if so here are five questions adapted from coaching guru Michael Bungay stay near designed to open new possibilities within your job search now the first question is what is your winning aspiration in other words what does the job that you aspire for look like the more clear you are about the job that you really want the easier it is for contacts in your network to help you you see there's nothing more useless than just telling your friends hey I'm looking for a job let me know if you see anything really instead be specific and know what you're winning aspiration is alright the second question is is where will you play now I recently polled 6632 job seekers who have attended my web training for job hunters ninety-four percent of them prioritize online job hunting however it's estimated only a third of the job market is actually published online so that leaves six percent of the job seekers to go after the remaining two-thirds of the job market now I'm not a betting man but for sure like those odds so are you playing in the right place in other words if you're not getting the results that you want chances are you need to change the location of where you're job-searching that brings us to the third question how will you win you see it took me nearly a year to answer this in my own job search I thought winning meant playing the numbers game by applying for dozens of positions that i found on job boards but this strategy was just demoralizing it was full of rejection when i made the radical shift of measuring my progress by how much time that I spent face-to-face with hiring managers each week I went from zero to 34 interviews in just five weeks by simply changing my asked to how will i win by doing that I changed my job hunting results and my approach does that make sense the fourth question is is what capabilities do i need in place now you're probably thinking of the capabilities that appear on your resume instead think of the capabilities needed to be a skilled job seeker capabilities like giving out from behind the computer and meeting people in your industry set a goal for each week you know exercise each day time block your most important job hunting activities on your calendar think about what capabilities you need to breathe more successful in your job search and that brings us to the fifth question the fifth question is what are you going to say no to you see the final step to becoming successful in your job search means what are you not going to do anymore maybe it means you won't make endless tweaks on your resume or adjusting your LinkedIn profile for the 27th time been there done that decide what it is that you're going to stop doing so that way you can create the space that you need to do the things that really make a difference in your own job search now help these five questions have helped you remove chalk that's holding you back from soaring to your next job now remember your energy will flow in the direction of the questions that we ask ourselves so start asking yourself a different set of questions and don't be surprised to see fresh opportunities lurking just around the corner I've got a question for you what habits have helped you the most in your job hunt I'd love to hear from you so please leave a comment below the video i hope you found this video valuable and if you'd like to know how I help jobseekers get six interviews a week click on the link below in the description field if you want to stay up-to-date on more helpful interview tips like this they make sure to subscribe if you've got any suggestions for future videos let me know in the comments area and i'll talk to you soon.