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a good starting go 700 bucks a week we should be aiming higher higher than that for online because you can make way more than that online hundred dollars as good but you can make two three four five hundred dollars a day if you put your mind to any work hard at it you can make more than a hundred dollars a day but we'll go with that and if you want to ask me questions and stuff I their chicken my blog and online.

Com this is where I get all these questions and stuff and I'm why bring out the videos and I've actually minutes do this one for a while but I just haven't had the time but now i'm going to be doing it because this is what I do basically for my main income been doing it for a long long time not specifically the way we're doing it now I don't buy traffic but you will be we will be buying traffic in this but I do mind with ranking websites and google and i get a commission when i sell products i will start from Alice and I promote products to them so it works exactly the same way sometimes by traffic sometimes don't when i do i mainly use facebook but there's also cheaper ways as well i'll show you in this video we're going to be doing some basic internet marketing here nothing you know nothing that's groundbreaking anything about that most you will know about this but the ones that are asking me how to make money online a hundred bucks today i will show you so what you'll need is a website an optin form creator we can get into that zone an email autoresponder in some money now if you're looking to make money online for free this is not the video for you you need money to make money online even if you have a free way to make money it takes time and time is money and if you do 10 freeway I do have a video on my youtube but i recommend don't do that you're not gonna make a lot of money if you're trying to make money without money so you will need some money okay website optional form creator email responder in some money and I'll talk I'll go over these throughout the videos to watch it out to the end and i'll explain to you what they are and what they do so this is a formula for what I do and how I stayed up things with my email marketing stuff like that for my affiliate websites so you need some traffic and you send them to a lead former talk show you soon and after they give you your email they go to an offer and they're gonna buy that offer it's usually a cheap offer him back for something they usually somebody will buy that offer you make a sale and also make a commission from there so you make about fifty percent so you're selling other people's products and not going to your email list this is where you want them because in you can advertise them more products so they either gonna buy the product offer we're gonna go straight to email list anymore i do as as i do a two or three-day aggressive campaign promoting the same offer here was a stall in mind and then once I've gone through there i will do more promotions of other products get sales and get a commission and it just keeps going like that okay and then the money from from these I'm sales here you can recycle that into your method again and buy more traffic and if you make a profit but sometimes you won't make a profit but you make a profit from all these ones down here so it could look a little bit confusing but i will explain it to step-by-step throughout this video so first thing you need to do is find offered to promote and usually it's in the making money online nations ACO need and things like that so that's why we're going to be covering in this video warrior plus is the first one I would recommend they don't have the best offers not that great at all but they're cheap offers so you can use them for your first offering here the you know you more cells to the chip off because he's got this is cold traffic you haven't worn them up to anything any big sales it so you said that or later so we're classes warrior class calm and there's all sorts of offers here and I've tried one called copy and profit for our dimmer this video which i'm going to explain soon so that was quite good where I way that was quite good warrior plus but the office out that grape but i do like to use them for line offers and the final that i use and then click but you don't get paid through paypal which the downfall but clickbank is a lot of you guys know about that you can simply go here login and find all sorts of offers ok I'm business and investing at the moment and there's stocks trading what else is it has stopped raining in here broker profits so it is also too stuffy like health and all that but we just and the or a business marketing all sorts of stuff but these get higher payouts so you use these ones later on and your funnel down here because you already want the clients up with all of the stuff and then there is jvzoo what is quite good you can start this is more selling like software k and stuff like that this isn't really for selling of money make money online programs and things like that they do pop up sometimes what are those going to top sellers and you can find the best selling products on that day on the past seven days of that month which is the best thing to do because that you know that their heart and there is traffic going to them and the kind of training and the JV zoo marketplace this is jvzoo dot-com and the last one is short click now this is for the big time players this is for the this is for the ones they can get sales because you're going to be getting a good money from these ones if you have a look at the marketplace you get like turning 50 bucks per sale here 300 250 250 275 and it's mainly stock trading and stuff like that and it's very good for the traffic that will be talking about this video so those are the four main ones that I use warrior + click play clickbank jvzoo then click sure for your really really high high office stuff I'm you know average cell this is the money you're gonna be getting is very very good I'm cpa offers but this is kinda later on this is for your traffic they've warmed up ready for more sales you don't want to be offering them the straightaway because you won't make any sales guarantee it now the next thing you need to do is create an option for when you collect an email now i use thrive leads for this you can find the link on this for you or down below if you want to check it out and it makes pretty sweet optin pages these are some of the ones that I've used recently this one's actually just for this video for the dealer I what I did is I made it very similar to this and i will explain that soon but yeah these are kind of like just examples very simple very easy to do not complicated this is the kind of stuff you want to do and the end one thing you want to do is you want to match the offer caso ever if this one is 255 everyday i'm going to add 2 55 in here because of people go to the offer and they they put the email and they go off they see it different usually they leave i don't know why but people very I've tested a lot of stuff and if you nearly matched this you're gonna get more sales and you don't need a natural word-for-word or anything but just make sure it's semi accurate you know gonna make shorts as accurate as you can get it and that's why I do I try to match the sales page they're going to be sending the leads to let me show you real quick how easy it is to make a landing page okay i have my thread leads content builder installed my sight when you add a new page going to call this a test page i'm going to save draft and I'm gonna go in it with thrive leads content notice that's what it's called thrive content builder so I actually thrive leads at something else probably the link in the description and once that loads i go to choose the landing page i'm just going to pick a template here we'll pick this one here load template and you'll see how easy it is to enter the stuff all it's very easy like I can just go what we want to offer here so 255 i can just put some stuff in here maybe not maybe not okay here we go I just have to save it there so i can go unlock this now keep in mind that this is just you know you can make this a lot better by adding colors and things like i could add make that green for money things like that right and then I'm just going to go sign up to unlock this money-making with it that's how easy it is and what i would do is I'll get my affiliate link for the for the offer was pretend that this is it and that will go to hear and i will connect with service first and create new connection and then you would connect your email service and i use get response so i can quickly let's do that API go the next step I'm going to go get response and save and then i can just go to redirect URL and then save it and then when people put the email and they simply if we preview the page and enter the email and this they will get directed should get directed the methylated offer i did that in under five minutes guys that's how easy it was and then though that when they sign up the email has now gone to my email responder and we'll talk about that in a second but that's how easy it was and then see there can buy this for nine bucks and you'll get a commission of save five dollars and that's how easy to start a landing page so if you want to do that thrive content builder all these other ones you can use as well they're probably cheaper or more expensive not too sure but that's how you can make her a lead capture page just like that so you've got found a product you've got a lead capture page and then you would have an email list and order order responder so here's two examples of mine and this one on the left I sell an affiliate product and the health wish I have the first email which is a welcome email and I kind of try to sell the product again at the people that have a soda and the next day or sell it again when i have a break for a day and then I sell it again more aggressively as well and then kind of three here I start to slide down a little bit and I get a crystal again at the end so it really just depends you have to I'm don't love testing see what what what what time works best for you but this is work basically on this particular site and this one over here on the right is a product which site well that's out where I sell products so I'm cannabis related stuff and I can make money because people by stabbing this is all automatic one slice it up I don't have to do anything to keep any more days if I like and to do that i use get response and you get a free trial for that and description or all of the link on the video and these are examples of emails I send out so decomposed us if you like have a look not to flash you well so these what these are is open rates of the emails that are sent out after these are the emails here okay and as if we go back once again you can have a look at these and these are examples of the emails that I've seen that passed I send out hundreds so I've got also two different setups all sorts of different templates that i use out there on my own and stuff like that but this is just an idea of you know what you could do as well and next is traffic so we've covered kind of way to find offers how to do a simple page here and i do have tutorials list in my youtube channel if you want a more in-depth tutorial on how to set up landing pages and then you try to match the offer that the post and gets into as much as you possibly can and then you have all these emails that will get center afterwards so these are the ones that get sent here at the bottom ok after the initial offer that you first offered them and these will be more expensive try to get ones where you can make about 40 bucks for sale because your need is one two or three cells a day and you put your gonna get over your hundred dollars ok so this is where you make most of your money and then we have our email examples and are open rates you want to try to go for 30-plus at least and now we have traffic this is probably the most important part because without traffic you don't have any cells so this was going to be talking about solo adverse because really in this situation they are the best facebook ads are good but they're expensive and take a lot longer optimized so if we look in this example I'm actually notice the examples on the next page but this is what we're going to be uncovered here so solo ads and facebook ads in this example here from digital marketing dot-com they had a video showing how they got a hundred something thousand email signups right and these are what they paid per conversion so per lead now this one of the top performer the best for them so they kept running it we spend a hundred thousand dollars on it they paid three dollars 14 / sign up at the very expensive and it's not expensive for them it's not really expensive in the facebook world but it can be very expensive for some people it means for every single person that you put your list you're paying three dollars 14 that's that's a lot of money when you compare to other sources of traffic so Facebook for this isn't very good at least you know what you're doing or you or you want specifically targeted leads okay and I don't really care in this scenario because the leads on buying for cheap anyway in the next method our targeting might make money online ish so facebook ads you can kind of script and the smithy you can use them if you like but be prepared to pay a lot of money had hit xbox with optimizing and it will take you simply just take you longer to get these leads on facebook do have better leads but it's just a big headache trying to get them the next method is solo ads and these are probably the best for this scenario because you can get the evening and get 49 cents per late 3019 police sixty-three cents per lead 36 cents per lead and although they're not the quality isn't as good as facebook please they are still very very very good leads and you can sales from them and that's all the cows if you're paying you know this guy will do you click for thirty cents because you over-delivered by twenty-five percent city since it is not that has nothing for a lead nowadays so we're going to concentrate on solar weds in this specific example and this video so this is some calculations they say you get 200 solo ad clicks and forty cents per clip and you get a 40-percent 5% optin right so you get 90 leads ok that will cost you $80 it's gonna cost you 88 since per lead of quality leads you make five cells at five dollars because remember this product here is our nine dollars are ten dollars where is it this is ten dollars are a little bit listen they're so you get fifty percent let's just say five bucks okay give 5 sales at five dollars which is $25 so u minus twenty-five dollars from a t-spin $55 as this highlight this saw some color you spend $55 to get 90 leads on your email list okay $55 although you didn't make money it doesn't matter i although you didn't make profit i should say it doesn't matter because you're going to be making their profit back when you do your grace of campaigning and your future offers they did these guys are stimulants for a long time you'll be surprised especially if you offer some free value as well that's also good for keeping them on your list now if we got a facebook ads let's say we bought you don't you don't buy the clicks but they get optimized into the head let's say you get 200 klicks and that's it gets optimized for about 250 per lead and you get a 45-percent option right you paid to 25 490 leads that's straight-up really higher than 80 and you make 55 sales at five dollars twenty-five dollars so you paid two hundred dollars for just get us in the rate again you're paying $200 490 leads although it's better quality Facebook's better quality level optimizing to be done and it could be a hit with these cliques only do is find a couple of good suppliers and you're going to get cheap clicks now the quality isn't as good but it doesn't matter you still going to be getting sales that's all the counts if you offer them some good quality value some good quality products and offers they're going to stand you listen I'm going to keep making money from them recurring income all the time because your emails being sent out constantly automatically and this is what it looks like and then your email list you can then send them the order responders and you make money so take action if you want to make a hundred bucks the line this is a very very good way to do it so we can you buy solar ways we're going to concentrate on solo ads because these are cheap economical way to get clicks and traffic to your offers firstly you can get a facebook groups so so so low and testimonials and sorry about that second moments of my voice sounds a bit croaky that's why you can see people report so this person for a hundred klicks they got a hundred fourteen and they are up they got eight opt-ins that's not very good aight opt-ins maybe that's a mistake that's probably a mistake i think it's quite like you want to be getting like you opt-in right here silly 2% I'm tier 1 means what country they're from so you know the r8 it was from good countries like United States and stuff this person sixty-three percent optin and really remember on our calculation we only went from 45% was like the lowest you should be getting over forty percent if you're not you need to change your I'm optimum page to change some colors change the wording until you getting at least forty percent on your thing okay the next place to get ads from so we do here is this fight you know seller click on it click on that person message him or they'll put out a thing in there so click on this one that should bring up their sales page and you can simply by links i click sorry and then they've got a thing here saying the best ones that work with their lists or clickbank jvzoo and all these other ones and then you can go down and see the testimonials and buy some traffic he's selling 467 to click what we have on here we had 40 since he's something for 60 premium clicks 485 since you can buy as much as you want or like 4000 and that's that and then you can also just go to click on the names another place is you to me.

Com spout UD I am I and that's that's from the image and here and you can simply buy them so we don't use by us by clicks so you can buy some i don't think i've logged in at the moment but you can bite you know you can put as many as you want our max so you can I do next you can only do that many on that day you can do 600 that day you're on top tier only but that's more expensive so that becomes 10 more cents per lead then you simply give them the link and why it now to get the link if you want to like get some steps and figure out like what you see how they've got a lot of steps here you can use clickmagick dot-com and I think it's like 9 bucks a month maybe twenty bucks a month i'm not sure i can remember but you definitely the videos to show you is your pricing little videos to show you how to do it so twelve dollars a month they're all the videos to show you how to do it sit up and you'll have fun how many clicks you got how many options you got then you can figure out are your steps and optimize your leadpages and stuff for their so that's a that's probably one of the easiest ways you can make money online seriously if you can't you should be able to make your first dollar online doing this but you need to remember you need to spend money to make money that is one of the number one things online that's why a lot of people don't take action because they don't want to spend the money but you have to you want to make money online you have to spend the money so it's very simple traffic to the lead form which i created just here within a few seconds and then to the offer which was this one here and once they do that if they make a sale or they're either way they're already gone to email list doesn't have to make a cell or not if they make yourself look at their own email as well and then you can do some more advertising and you get commissions you get back fifty percent commission from from your sales so I highly advise you to go back and just look through menopause of things about being a little bit too quick a bit sick of the moment side contact talk very well let's go through have a look have a pause and it's very very simple to do you guys want to get your head around it you'll be you'll be so surprised how easy it is to do the stuff and this is all automatic you seem to be need the traffic you need the offer you need to email list and i have links to all the stuff in the bottom but that's what you need to start making money online this is an old-school way people have been doing it for years and years and years they're still doing it today because it still works that's one of the most effective ways to make money online other than likely see I'll and things like that and then you have this go through have a look and then pulls we need to see you guys next video I don't Shopify one coming out tomorrow so watch out for that it's quite a good video and yes it's not about 200 bucks online this is probably the easiest ways email marketing recurring income just goes around and around the circle all yourselves you reinvest and you keep going keep going until you get to the point where making quite a bit of profit you can start saving but just keep reinvesting your money into this and then keep going around and around and around and soon you better save some money then your hundred bucks you can get from a hundred dollars a day and you can scale it 200 300 400 500 I know someone is making like 3 grand moment he just launched a new company actually is making so much money from this has been doing it for years but he's been to the point now where he just making ridiculous amount of money and as he started off doing things like this so we go I'll see you guys in the next video tomorrow.