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How many of you like to make more money? Who wants more money? Raise your hand Awesome.

Beyond more money, who actually wants what money's really going to give you? Money is only gonna give you two things.

Money's only gonna give you two things.

It's gonna give you things and stuff that's kind of category one, who likes things and stuff? Make some noise and things and stuff so we're clear means houses, boats, cars, watches, travel, cool stuff.

I like all those things.

I'm not one of those guys who says you shouldn't spend your money on cool stuff, you should have cool stuff.

The ability to have a house that's got six, seven, eight, nine, ten bedrooms is awesome because it means everybody can come stay at your house at Christmas.

The only point in owning a boat is so it's big enough for 25 your family and friends to come on it so they can all come play with you for the day while you go boating and fishing and having cool stuff.

The only point of owning a private jet and I don't own one but Tony has one, trust me Tony's like come on the jet, come on the jet, come on the jet.

If you had a private jet who'd like to invite your family and friends on the jet? Who'd like to do that? So you should have things and stuff you're gonna need some more money for that but the other thing money's for is to give you the most important thing that you want.

which is this: emotional peace, emotional freedom, that ability to get in bed at night and sleep and be calm and relax.

So here's the deal, if you want to be wealthy raise your hands if you want to be wealthy and say yes, you tell me are there rules to follow? Yes or no? Yes or no? If you break the rules are their consequences? You tell me are are most people breaking the rules, yes or no? It's not very complicated.

So rules are meant to be followed, not broken that's my first bit of coaching for you and the only thing you need to work out the next two days is what rules am I going to follow? And you want to make very conscious choices about what rules you are going to follow and don't be making much yourself.

You want to get great coaching, great inspiration, great mentoring, great opportunities to learn from people that have gone before you and take some of their rules, and take some of their rules, and take some of their rules and say great these are my rules for health, these are my rules for creating income, these are my rules for building wealth, these are my rules for having a balanced life between parenting, relationships, business, taking care of my body and then your job every day is to follow the rules.