Mobile Jobs Online – So funktioniert hokify!


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Hy people! We do today even a video on his own behalf Namely: how 2 hokify! Because we want to show you how easy it is to compete with our app

First, you have to go to the App Store or Play Store app downloading you the and when you have done that, then you can watch via e-mail address, Facebook or mobile number simply log In the app you lay first at your profile The more detailed you created the profile, the better will ultimately job offers, gets her during your job search Then she selects the appropriate industry and can begin to swipe directly A swipe to the left means: do not like it, the job he falls

A swipe to the right means you like the job He is saved and you can apply directly to him Have you made a swipe to the right that is, you saved the job, then automatically opens a chat window with the company in the first, some simple questions you get asked After you have answered all the questions opens an overview of your application documents You can again proofreading and see if everything fits and then applying for them with a click on the "Apply" button Find your potential employer your application interesting then he can contact you right on the app hokify and you can make you an appointment for an interview To make your job search more efficient, you can easily be found naturally by companies

Simply you go to the app's settings and activate the button "Companies can find me" So get the free app now and swipt to your next job!