Outsourcing – Working From Home vs. Office


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I'm Steph and I'm currently working as a Team Leader here in Affordable Staff Before I joined Affordable Staff, I was working from home for several years, working for clients I found through referrals and websites like Odesk and OnlineJobs

Working from home comparing it to working from an office is very comfortable in the sense that you don't have to dress up because you're pretty much at home the entire day and you're there alone So there's really no one there to impress with your clothes You can even like go to work in your pajamas When it comes to time, you really don't have to be very conscious about it If you have a start time at 9 AM, you can wake up at 8:30 even 8:45 and just go straight to your laptop and start working

Ideally for people who are working from home, they should have a home office but it's not true for most people who are working from home For me, I just had a table in our living room where I work from So it's really not an office, just an area where I can work When it comes to data protection and data security, it really just boils down to their trust with me as their offshore employee Because when you're working from home especially if you're doing freelance, there's no legally-binding documents that protect clients from breach

So there's really nothing much for data security Power interruptions are very frequent especially during summertime here in the Philippines When that happens, you have two options You can either go to a cafe and work from there But unfortunately, most cafes here don't have an internet connection that is strong enough for online work

So it's always very slow and if you have tasks like downloading or uploading, it's not really possible to work from there The other option is you go to a co-working space which has good internet but it's not practical because sometimes it's costly When you're working from home, your connection is a residential connection I only had 3 mbps of download speed and then my upload is less than 1 mbps It's a bit slow especially if you have a lot of tasks which involves downloading, uploading, and if you're working with lots of images

Of course, the support also is not that great Unlike if you're working from an office where you have a business line which has a dedicated support team that can help you out whenever there are interruptions I would definitely say that working from an office is better than working from home For starters, the technical support that you need is there For example, if there's a power interruption, we have a generator on stand by that work restore the power back before my UPS dies

If we encounter internet issues, we always have a backup line, actually two So all we need to do is switch the connection and the internet will also be restored When you're working from home, you're using your own personal computer and if you encounter technical troubles with it, it's very hard to replace if you don't have a spare But at the office, if your PC dies, there's always a spare PC to use for working There are less distractions when you're working from an office

The environment is very quiet so it's very conducive to calls There's no television lying around Your pets are not there to distract you When you're working from an office, it's just you, your work and you can have 100% focus The security of the office is also very tight

We have lockers for the employees We have CCTVS which are on 24/7 And then we have our bio-metric time tracking Working from the office is more beneficial for the client because here you have an NDA, your Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is very strong It's basically iron-clad

It protects client data even though let's say in the future, I'm no longer employed in the office, I'm still bound by my NDA and I can't discuss any data and processes of my client Because we have a business line, our IP is static, making us more compliant to offshore requirements In a nutshell, if you compare working from home with working from an office, working from an office is definitely better because it's beneficial not only for the clients but also for me as an employee