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Safest Make Money Online Program 2017 – My Paying Ads Easy Way To Earn coming to you from Beijing in China now today's 444 februari 2017 and happy valentines they said one of you guys out there now and what I want to show you guys is an opportunity that is really really changed my life and probably others for the last year or so and this has just had phenomenal growth next month they're having their two-year anniversary anything in pain out constantly seven days a week and it's just a real long time structured business now there's a lot of crap out there and flung me that you know there's a lot of lights with maybe higher learning within a few days even a week or something like that you know any conscious thing itself and there's even businesses out there that structured justice can people out there hard-working money and have to put to be honest it's just ridiculous I mean I've learned from my experiences I've lost thousands of last year just even from and try to make things work you know I'm thinking that this was going to be the one you know and it's just the kind of things that you know kind of learn from and kind of move forward from and just kind of I know where I need to be and I know how I need to get there and longtime structured businesses like this specific company who are and like like how can I do this there's a lot of people out there who build businesses just for the sake of money and it's pure greed and it's not fully structured business you know the owner of the company has a business mindset not money mindset obviously we're all here to make money but for a business mindset you know we've got more chances of having a long-term structural business to last a lot longer and i'm not talking about a few years i'm talking about looking at 5-10 years and onwards and flavorful like a genuine real business so what I want to show you guys just to explain about what this company actually is how it changed my life and then i'm going to show you my results as of today now before i show you my current progress in mpa I just want to quickly explain for those of you who don't quite know what my paying ads is all about so basically they are an ass tiling company that provides a share of revenues to paying advertisers and they have various advertising options available but in order to benefit from making money with advertising you just simply purchase an ad pack and in return you get back a hundred and twenty percent of your Owings or in other words you're getting a twenty percent profit for every ad perches so you know I think of it like this i'm an online marketer who is in need of quality advertising in order to promote my website or business that I have to offer i decided to join a professional and very stable red share company which offers multiple advertising services then from here i can then place his advertising that is suitable to my needs or I'm also able to greatly benefit from purchasing advertising and earning some revenue from the company so essentially i'm being paid advertising my own stuff and this is really amazing I'm telling you right now this has changed my life drastically I've been able to buy two really amazing dogs i'm living a laptop lifestyle was living abroad in china and it's all thanks to this company for helping me to achieve that lifestyle there's very few red shell companies like this that and take their business seriously and a structured for long-term growth I'm not talking about months i'm talking about years and my paying ads have never missed out on a payment in over 18 months they pay out seven days a week and have currently paid out over 16 million dollars to advertisers and which is just a crazy amount as you can imagine and one thing you should know is that my paying ads greatly improve its returning customer rate so you know just like with any business a returning customer is far better than a one-time customer so that's one of the reasons why it's important to have a professional services that deliver and having an attractive awful service to support the great against the company and its members and my paying ads those exactly that I honestly think that you love this boat before you sign up and give it a try i want to show you my current progress from today right now because I say what we commonly looking out of my results from last week probably just shy of maybe about eight days ago 76 there so and just shy of flavor a week ago now as you can see here that time I had 282 referral float a massive thank you to a lot of you guys who have chosen specifically to sign up with me to be your sponsor and i'm not i know that you guys have had quite a lot of value already have already started making videos personal videos for you guys and to explain different processes everyone's got different questions everyone's at different stages of experiences and I really got my way to really help you guys to get started and you know to get yourself on track to actually learn more about the business and how you can actually start seeing the potential gain that this really has been especially over december and uneven next month is a lot of people put in a lot more money in because they see how much potential that it really has so you know just a massive thank you to love you guys and I left my my facebook contacts you guys below in the description so ask me on faith that if you guys have any questions at all don't have the taste loss because they're going my way to want to those questions for you as well now at that time I had 450 actual ad packs and like you kind of thing with the video activate pakistan for and the earnings with advertising so as long as they're active and earning every single hour every single day you know from the active ipad would like to purchase from that so you know this seems repeat from building and building and building and so it is just phenomenal and you're going to see helpful normal but really once you get started as well so my actual packs standing at 450 another thing to actually that pattern so this is the total amount I've made just from building my ad packs inside the system 40 4462 dollars now you can imagine that is a huge amount of money way I mean this thing is just growing any amount now some of you guys might be wondering like you know why I'm not to max out or anything like that already but the thing is guys I'm living my life Safest Make Money Online Program 2017 – My Paying Ads Easy Way To Earn same time that is my choice there were a lot of people who compound their earnings hundred percent keep building and building and building and then no matter out but for me I choose to live my lifestyle and purely earning from my painting as living the lifestyle and building at the same time so I am slowly like I've get from a bit behind some other people but unfortunately you know I put money into other scans and stuff like that last year is well I was just kind of bad choices that are made and we've all made that will come across and things that just kind of blown our pockets and you know just ridiculous kind of businesses choice I guess business choices that we try to make because we really want a better life for ourselves and I've always had to find myself coming back to my parents to kind of save my butt and so this is a company you can really rely on and like it said next year will be there two year anniversary so this is something you're going to really start to enjoy once you get yourself started involved in and let me tell you got any questions just hit me up on Facebook and then we can go from there now let's go to take a quick look at these the company that's itself now at the moment mpa currently have 270,000 214 members 270,000 members is ridiculous that's a huge amount and you can see just along here their members lastly that signed out with 6424 people that is HUGE phenomenal growth inside the company and i'll show you guys the alexa rank is why like this is serious company that is growing and huge and it's just phenomenal results now lifting payouts that they've had out file i let me just like this out 31 million 625,000 792 dollars i don't know about you but that is just phenomenal like huge huge amount of money we're talking about and the company have to keep paying out seven days a week like you've seen in the video 7 days a week and you know without fail for these guys are being really reliable and you're just going to love this so much when you start getting the hang of it and you'll see if you join the facebook group of i'll give you a link to that faces and that honestly guys this is something you really gonna start to enjoy and you'll see the positivity and that people have inside the group as well now that's going to take a quick look at my results as of today now i just need the back into the websites very quickly the alexa rank along here is currently 2649 so for those of you don't know quite know what the electric blanket and come to think of it as like popularity and if you think of websites like Google and Amazon you know they're probably going to be ranked number one number two something like that ok now last year this company was maybe their legs went somewhere around 13 or 12 thousand and now they're down 2649 which is just been phenomenal growth so this is a very serious companies are very serious about growing and each and every weekend at select the Rangers keep from getting better and better and better and it's all thanks to the community as well I mean we're close enough to like 300,000 members so it's just going to be phenomenal for years to come now let's go to take a quick look at my results so what we can see right along here and 302 referrals so again a massive thank you to a lot of you guys whose children to specifically sign up with me i know a lot of you guys kind of resonated with me you know whether it's just from I don't know whoever from the way I'm talking or whether it's from the kind of goals that you want to achieve for yourself maybe you won a lot of life so maybe you want to live abroad or something like that whatever the case is you can definitely get there with the system now you have to come in with a long time mindset but if you're really willing to work for this i'm not talking just about doing the five minutes of work but you can't do that but if you really want this you know it's going to take a lot more work than that but you can easily if you've got money and you can just get the money and just keep building this on the side if you don't have much time and this is something you can definitely do as well but if you really want to push yourself but an online marketer as something to be successful sooner rather than later then also you need official self in many different ways and try to not make too many excuses there's a lot of people who makes excuses like with competition for example and I just think that the weak excuse because everyone resonates with other people differently so if you guys want help with formal training or anything my life I will help you every step of the way for those of you who want to join my team specifically so honestly guys just say that into consideration and it's just going to be a phenomenal start and for you guys as well like whatever its kind of income goals you want to try and achieve for yourself you will definitely get there now my active attacks along here have gone to 473 now some people last like was 470 free breakfast then so let me show you a quick calculation of what we're kind of looking at in terms of singers now I just want to say that this is by no means no guarantee this is not an Safest Make Money Online Program 2017 – My Paying Ads Easy Way To Earn of taking it was a guess the meter like estimations only in terms of the earnings from the site now only made different day-to-day you know it doesn't predict future earnings or anything like that because they're always based on sales of made within the company but in terms of the averages we're looking at roughly about 2% right about now I'm just trying to give you an ideal kind of some of what we're kind of looking at along here now you can see my active attacks attending 473 elevated guys daily profit sharing 250 free dollars daily every single day in the system so if I didn't want for anything if I didn't buy any more pacts I would be generating 253 dollars inside the system into my earning balance which is a hundred percent with durable so I just want you to say that into consideration think of things like your financial need for your financial situation whatever those cases are you know when you build it up to this level maybe you've got bills to pay maybe you've got friends those days to come family or friends birthdays you know whatever the cases maybe even holidays you want to treat yourself to to think about what that can do for you in the law time and this is just honestly being really helped me out in so many different ways there's been times when I've needed to pay unexpected-like medical bills and my dog himself you know though these things are just really really helped me out and come a long way and you only need to set yourself back maybe a few days and maybe a few days is enough to withdraw that amount and just set yourself back two days and interests keep pushing forward and growing and growing and growing until you get to where you want to be your income goals might be different than other people i mean for sure so you might be want to try maybe you're going to earn like ten dollars a day 25 Thursday fifty dollars a hundred dollars within two hundred dollars per day which is my goal to max out their system whatever that is you can definitely get there with this company and you know like i said i'll help you mean different ways where it's like strategy or whether you want to start recruiting referrals and things like that you know i'll show you everything that I know and everything that I'm doing to create the kind of life that I want so that you can have that for yourself as well now the last thing i want to show you guys is just my attack burning look at this guy's 46,000 381 dollars that is phenomenal growth inside 46,000 381 dollars i can't do math off the top of my head Google doesn't matter for me but 46,000 geyser is a huge amount of anything like that just keeps on growing and growing and growing now i'm going to maxing out a long time ago if it wasn't full scan and and for losing money in different kind of bad business decisions and things like that honestly guys I have no regrets about that you know i have learned from my experiences helped me to grow the monster online and I'm always having to realize back on my pain out and it's one of the complete that can really really help you long-term and like it says five years ten years possibly even more than that so get yourself started sooner rather than later if you want to join me specifically and I've got a link just below and i'm also going to show you a quick little video because and some people don't enter in their sponsor field correctly ok and that's sometimes the problem because when they find out the admin you might be sending support tickets and they might say like four or five days something like that before you guys you know if you really want to look up to sponsor who knows what he's doing he's already got progress and living a lifestyle living the goals that he's achieving for himself then I will help you every step of the way so in the sponsor Phil just make sure that you change it to Steve in China and I'll show you that in the video and in the next step as well but just make sure you change that and then I will be in touch with you guys off-center an email and just look out for that and i look forward to having you on my team and senior programs from inside the company until then they often a little too soon ok so the best way for you to join will be to you once you finish watching one of my videos what you're going to want to do it just to come down here and where it says join with me here i'm going to give you a direct link if you click on show more almost going to give you another link to my facebook so if you guys have got any questions or you know you just want to reach out to me or anything like that don't hesitate to contact me on facebook as well but for now we're just going to click on this link here and right now it's going to take me to the homepage educate so the very first thing you're going to want to do on the top right hand corner has signed up so once we click on this it is now going to take me to the registration page now this is crucial the very first thing you're going to want to check is that the sponsor said Steve in China ok if it doesn't it says someone else's name or it has NPA admin which is a default what you need to do is to click on change and then simply five in Steve in China and then you can change it from there this is crucial because a lot of people have been finding out under mpa asthma and they can't change it once you've registered so you know it's very important that you make sure it's stephen china before because once you guys are on my team you know i'm going to be helping you every step of the way and once was max out the system i'm going to be sharing some of my commissions with you guys as well so you know it's just to help you progress and develop in my paying as as we go along ok so just make sure that so Stephen china and then we're all good you know by all means if you've got any questions don't hesitate to ask me on Facebook this is honestly guys this is very simple and you're going to enjoy this so much so like I said before is much better to get started sooner rather than later so Safest Make Money Online Program 2017 – My Paying Ads Easy Way To Earn