SUMO & SLASHER – GTA Online Malay Funny Jobs


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When the game starts, we'll exit the session Number of team – 2, Team balancing – off -How to choose a team? -Later we can choose

Hurry up, Yasir Yashir Yashiar -I need six level more to get -Nyasid Nyasid -Six more level before hundred

-Nyasid? Nyasid is here? There he is as MadDollFace -Oh Mat Doll Face -Eh, is MadDollFace Malay? Uh, it is Spokey -Eh? -It's Spokey Oh Spokey

-Spokey An-Nyasid See it -So many names

-Names like Ahmad, then Spokey -Ahmad Maslan Ah, nice we are on the same team -Hasya on which team? -Hey I want to join you guys

-Hasya on which team? -Just join Join here, Hasya Come here -Yeah, that's right -Nice! I want, I want that

that Zeramy, the thing that (distance voice) Hi Hasya! -What vehicle should I? -Choose any, all of it are quite the same (distant voice) Hi Hasya! Huh, 4, 3, 2, 1

(distant voice) Hi Hasya! -Hi! -Who is that? -Hi Hasya! -It's Commando -Moonlight here Alright, 3 vs 3 -3 vs 3 -Hi Naem -Hye -ATK! Yeah, hi! Commando

-Your voice is so funny -Ehihihi it's Moonlight You know Upin Ipin? I am Upin (What? XD) -What is this game? -Sumo Just push them

Bye Hasya, love you Who was that? Hasya is now arrogant towards me -Push Spokey! Push him Alright, he died! -Push! Ah nice! Help me, both are pushing me -Help, help Hasya! -Yeah, coming

No, no, Hasya you pushed me -Yeah Yasir! -Push -Oh no, I died -No! This place is so dangerous Hey, they are pushing me They are very rude

-Push, push Push Yasir -Nay, don't fall! Please don't fall Hasya is about to fall! (rape scream) -Eh, Zeramy died? -Yeah I'm dead Push, push his health

Eh, not health, but car One more Go, Hasya! Back, back Kill Hadi That was disappointing

He fell by himself Nice bruh! Ulala~ See, I was lagging at first -Zeramy at first pushing Spokey -I pushed Zeramy He died

Death You are dead He was not ready Difficult GG Nice

Since when I am listening to retro music? (car radio) OK, ready bro! There, Naem! Naem is using Panto! -I'm using the -Panto -Lucky! Nice, nice

-Help! Help! -Help! Help me! -Hey, those two are stuck! -That is funny! That is so funny! -Easy, I pushed both of you! -Hasya stuck is so funny -Beautiful Sorry, I pushed you both That was beautiful I can maintained and he was still pushing me

Hasya stuck was seriously funny -Ahaha you fell -Hah Naem! -Finished -Nice Lucky

-Eh, look it flies! I still have the glitch -The glitch is still present -Hey! So nice! Good This is fun -My car stuck on the corner

-I was laughing I was laughing at Hasya As he stuck and scream "Help me! Help me!" That guy kept pushing me and you came, pushed both outside Zeramy pushed them! Nice, Zeramy -So funny

-Why Hadi jumped down? -OK, nice -But Naem But Naem drove down

I was trying to turn around but I didn't know there was a gap Damn, I fell Dangerous How many rounds? -We reclaimed our dignity from yesterday, Zeramy -It is 3 rounds

We need to win 3 times Only one more win I will go first! Hurry, hurry! I will push, I will push Spokey! Don't push me! Push Spokey! I win! Nice! What with this car? Push him, Hasya! Push! Push on the side! Nice! Nice Zeramy! Nice! Yes we reclaimed our pride -Darn, that is a lot, 9 thousands -So lots, 9 thousands

We play another after this There are so many maps -The three of you guys as a team and find three of us -We cannot Only one can be the slasher

-Who is seeking? -It's Hadi Oh, Hadi Nice It's easy Even we can kill him and win

Let's go, let's go *creepy ambient* Hey, this loading is so long Me too I'm stuck, looking at these 4 satanic faces Someone is lagging

It is started Oh, this map This map is easy -Lucky it is not dark -No, it will be dark

Eh? Oh God! Where are you guys? Are we dispersed? Someone is shooting Scared I hear a shooting -Who is this? -He is hiding Where are you guys? I can't see anyone

Haa Hadi killed Yasir We can't see This glitch is funny Everything flies when I touched Who is this? Oh, Hasya! Hasya is in this room

Don't tell We'll get busted When he enters, we beat him Bam bam bam, hit him "Ey, what is this place" (Slasher voice) Come on, baby! Come on! 1 more minute

One more minute we will get shotgun 1 more minute Come on baby come on! Come on baby! I heard a shot! Oh no, Spokey died! -Oh it is Hasya Where should I go? No, I got shot Damn it

Where should I go? Zeramy where are you? I'm hiding I don't know where to go Opening flashlight will get busted I hear you are running You are near to me

Where? Where? So scared Eh, nobody? Should I go here? I can't see anything Someone is opening the door Who is it? -Oh here? -Hurry, hurry (God bless you) Someone is opening a door

Entering and exiting The sound Where? What is this door? Can enter Zeramy is inside! Nice Zeramy! What happened? -I killed him -Zeramy beat him

We can beat him? Can! That was why I told you to regroup inside a room But, you were running outside