The Guy Who Fixes Tablets for NFL Coaches | Hardest Jobs in Sports


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– Microsoft Surface tablets,every NFL team uses them and every game someonesmashes or breaks them.

And I'm the guy who fixes them.

Fixing Surface tabletsis a busy, busy job.

NFL coaches are all old men.

Most of them have Hotmail accounts.

Tablets are not a good fit.

Coaches always complainthat tablets aren't working.

But they're the ones who break them, usually by smashing them.

You can't fix that.

I spend most of my dayfilling out warranty cards, or just ordering new ones, it's easier.

I don't really have peers.

Maybe the guy who fixesthe coaches' headsets.

What a cakewalk, thosethings are made to be thrown.

I didn't realize the NFLChief Technology Officer meant teaching Andy Reidthat swiping doesn't mean peeling the screen off.

Oh, I could tell you some stories.

Rex Ryan's tablet isfull of pop-ups he got for foot porn websites.

Pete Carroll puts his gum in the USB port.

Jack del Rio just keepswriting on his with a marker.

Chip Kelly, Chip Kelly actually knowsa lot about these things.

Belichick ranted about thetablet for five minutes.

I mean, he didn't really talk,he just frowned and mumbled.

But for Belichick that's a rant.

I just want to tell theseguys it's not the tablet, it's you.

But also, why don't we just use iPads? (lively instrumental music).