Top 3 Ways to Make Money Online – Building an Online Business Ep. 25

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Top three legitimate ways to make money withan online business.

What’s up guys Jason here aspiring entrepreneurshowing you everything I am doing to build an on line business and consulting practicefrom scratch from A to Z and in this episode I am going to be talking about 3 legitimateways to make money online.

So lets just jump right in way number 1 iswith an online course.

By the way all of these are going to be legitimateand gimmick free there is no “get rich quick” silly stuff here.

So that’s why there is only three of themand I will get to why I chose these three in a second.

But with an online course essentially whatyou are doing is you are packaging your knowledge into a digital product so that digital productcould take the form of a membership site, maybe you are going to put together a kindlebook which technically is not an online course but it has to do with selling informationso essentially that’s what it is you are selling information is kind of a big thing.

However with selling information you haveto know that the trend is downward and the free line is moving that means the informationthat you sell need to be more valuable and you are going to have to give more of it becausemore and more people are taking information that used to be pad and providing it freeof charge.

Just think if the last time you saw a blogpost that was 3000 or 4000 words long or something like what Neil Patel is doing he is takingcontent that used to be paid and is just giving it away for free.

And moving that free line away from your lowdollar stuff and a lot of the big guys now are using webinars to sell really high endticket items.

So definitely keep that in mind if you wantto package information.

Then number 2 we have free lancing and thisis essentially like being self-employed so you are taking something that you alreadyknow how to do and maybe you are going to learn a new skill and you are going to goto LinkedIn and find your ideal customers or you going to go to a place like upworkor freelance or Guru or 99 designs whatever the platform is and essentially offer yourservices.

A great way to figure out if you have a marketableservice is to go over to fiverr now you are not going to make money but it is going tobe a great way to validate your skill set and your ideas and your ability to communicatethose ideas in terms of marketing yourself on fiverr.

So finally number 3 is consulting and noticewe are going up the ladder in terms of your time commitment per customer and revenue percustomer so with consulting essentially hat you are doing is selling your expertize andI don’t say time because a lot of consultants get stuck in this thing were they sell thistime and they have coaching or consulting sessions but then it kind of limits how manycustomers or clients you can service.

So a great way to be a coach or consultantis to sell results.

So as with the online course you are takingall the information you have in your head you are putting it into a glorified manualand then you are selling it to hopefully 100’s if not 1000’s of people.

With coaching or consulting you are doingthe same thing you are taking that information but instead just writing it all down or recordinga bunch of videos like I just said with this one you will be taking that information andapply it specifically to your client.

So your clients get all the information theywould in a course and they get your personal insight how to best apply it in their situation.

And of course with that personalized approachand customized approach you get to charge a higher price.

So typically when you are just getting startedor if you are looking to say which one might make you the most money in the long run theconsulting is definitely something you will want to gravitate towards to get the ballrolling the fastest.

Now there is a big cavy up with all threeof these things, and it is something many first time internet entrepreneurs forget andthat is you have to be good at something.

You have to be able to provide more valuethan everybody else, otherwise you are going to be stuck in this endless loop of tryingto get clients, customers, trying to get people to listen to you, you read all the socialmedia blog posts, you will read how to do Facebook ads, you will go market yourselfand it feels like nobody wants to hire you as a freelancer, no one wants to purchaseyour course, or people you talk to on the phone who are great coaches or consultingclients just go… meh maybe I will think about it and get back to you, and they neverdo.

And this happens because many entrepreneurshave failed to address that critical first step which is determining what their uniqueskill is, to market yourself online, to be successful online, in and offlineyou have to have a skill that you can become better at than everybody else, and once youhone in on that skill, you don’t have to be the best at it now, but eventually youneed to choose one skill, one area to specialize in, become that expert and work your way tothat and as you focus in that particular skill of expertise, whether you decide to do a courseor work as a freelancer or be a consultant, it becomes gravy.

It becomes something you get to decide, andwhen you have that power and decision, you get to choose how to deliver that best valueand skill, you have to your clients or customers, so you get to choose whether you are goingto take your value or skill and put it into a video course or write a book or just dothe work for your clients or customers and work as a freelancer, or come along side yourclients as a coach or consultant [06:00] and just a quick tip a great way to sell yourfreelancing and consulting is to create a very miniature book on the course or frontend to attract people to you, and that is what I do and what I am all about.

So thank you for watching, I hope you gotsome value out of this video, if you did, go ahead and hit that like button and subscribe,for more business building and marketing tactics and strategies, just like the ones coveredin this video, over on my YouTube video, I am going from A-Z on how I am building anonline and consulting practice from scratch, I would love for you to join me on this crazyjourney of entrepreneurship, so until the next video, keep building the business youlove, take care.