Work at Home Jobs 2018


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Hi, I'm Angie Nelson, founder of theworkathomewifecom

I have been working at home full-time for over 10 years, and today I'm going to be sharing with you some of the best ways that you can work from home in 2018 Stay to end of the video to find out how you can get my seven-day series on finding work from home for free The first work at home opportunity I wanted to talk to you today about was freelance writing This is a great opportunity for a lot of people wanting to work from home because it does offer a really flexible schedule You can oftentimes do the work anywhere, anytime as long as you can meet your deadlines

This is an opportunity that doesn't require a formal education You don't necessarily need an English degree or a journalism degree You just need to have great grammar, English skills, and also research skills This is something that's a perfect fit for a lot of those of you out there who really like to dig into internet research and learn about new topics and share them with others Freelance writing, it encompasses a lot of different things today

You may be doing anything from writing eBooks to writing blog posts, to writing social media updates, video scripts, and beyond Like I said, this is great for the researchers out there and even those of you who have some special knowledge If you're coming from, say, an education or a medical background, you may find that there is a large demand for your knowledge as well This is something you can get started with without a lot of experience or training There are plenty of openings available

Everything that's on the internet today has to be created by someone, and that's where freelance writers come in There's always going to be a big demand for your skills The second opportunity I wanted to talk to you today about was customer service Now this is a field that a lot of people shy away from initially because it isn't your dream job A lot of people don't want to be on the phones

They don't want to have a schedule However, if you can swing it, I'd really like you to consider this opportunity because it's going to meet the needs of a lot of the things that some of you are looking for If you're looking for full-time work, if you're looking for something above minimum wage, and some of you out there are going to be looking for employee benefits such as medical insurance or paid vacation, customer service can oftentimes provide those things for you A lot of position you're going to be looking at $12 to $15 an hour in pay There are really plenty of opportunities to go around

Companies like Hyatt, Hilton, you're going to find jobs with U-Haul, Enterprise There are companies called SYKES, SITEL, Sutherland All of these places have a large demand for work at home representatives Like I said, the pay is good and sometimes you're going to find benefits there as well The third opportunity I wanted to talk to you today about was social media management

If you spend any deal of time online, you know that social media is really where it's at these days We have Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Everyone that owns a small business is looking to leverage those platforms Sometimes they need a little help Maybe they don't have the time or the patience or even the interest to learn what it takes to really succeed on those networks

That's where you can come in as a social media manager You could get really involved in building their community, in driving traffic back to their website, and growing their following in general This is going to be an industry where results matter, so you do need to get educated There are plenty of courses available online where you can pick up the skills you need to succeed as a social media manager and really start finding those clients that are going to pay well and pay for the results that you can provide The last opportunity I wanted to speak to you today about was virtual assistant

We have a really big interest in virtual assisting in the work at home wife community This is something that a lot of people can get started with, with just the skills that you have Virtual assistants today, they really run the gamut as far as the services that they can offer You may start out just doing things like sorting emails or managing a schedule From there you can get really involved in things like managing blogs or managing social media, as I said

That often falls under the umbrella of virtual assisting as well Again, this is something that a lot of small business owners are looking for You could be working for anyone from an attorney to an entrepreneur, to a blogger, to even Etsy store owners The demand is really large and it's really varied If you have special interests and particular businesses that you like to work with, that's something that you can really dive deep in and become a specialized virtual assistant demanding a higher wage for more specialized services

Like I said, this is a field where you can start with what you know and what you have and learn new skills as you go There are plenty of online courses available, and you can even pick up new skills on sites like Houdini if you want to get into things like email management or community building, things like that Those are skills you can easily learn online as you go Those are a few of the opportunities that I wanted to speak to you about If you click down in the description below I'm going to leave a link here for you to pick up my free email series, which is Seven Days to Finding Work at Home

There's a lot of great tips in there that can help you get started regardless of where you're at in your work at home journey Until next time, Angie Nelson from theworkathomewifecom If you liked this video, hit the like button below, share it with your friends, and be sure to subscribe Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video