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Buen día everyone! Welcome back to my channel My name is M

A And today, we are going to talk about something very interesting Are you tired of commuting and being stuck in traffic? Few more minutes, I hope I won't be late Or do you wanna spend more time with your loved ones at home? Or maybe you just want to have the luxury of being away from the office Or away from people But what if you're an extrovert and actually enjoys the company of other people? Hi Iñigo Pascual, what's up! Nice to meet you Hi, Hey what's up? Why not try working at MyOutDesk? It's a home-based virtual professional company with over 1,000 virtual professionals in the Philippines You may check out their website to find out more about their job offerings

But hey, we are not done yet okay You'll also get a signing bonus, a highly competitive pay package, HMO coverage, paid vacation, hospitalization days and company sponsored parties and events All these, plus the comfort of working in your own home What do you need to have? A reliable and high-speed internet connection A PC or a laptop, A headset and a webcam, and of course your mad sales calling skills!